Teeth in a Few Hours Metairie

If you need a major replacement of multiple or all of your teeth, one option is to place multiple implants and immediately place a temporary set of teeth that are screwed into the implants. Each immediate provisionalization plan is custom designed for each patient. You may need to have teeth removed and the sites grafted to preserve and reconstruct missing bone. Computer guided navigation methods are used to accurately place implants so an immediate set of teeth can be secured to the implants. Patients prefer having to wear a denture after their teeth are removed. In some patients they can come in with teeth, and leave the clinic with a set of teeth. After the implants have fused (integrated) to the bone, a final set of teeth are made by your dentist.

If you have teeth that are worn down, malposed, crooked, stained, move when you chew, or have decay in your teeth , the new set of teeth immediately placed is a wonderful solution for many patients. Often the results are so positive patients cry when they see themselves in the mirror.

Take a look at the cases in this website for examples.

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