Losing your teeth is a traumatic event. We at the center for dental reconstruction understand this very well and strive to get you restored as soon as possible.

Tooth loss could be related to gum disease or severe decay, as well as trauma or accidents. When either of these happens and all of your teeth are missing a set of Complete Dentures is a very affordable option.

We will take a series of molds and fabricate a custom made set of teeth that will have all the personal features to make them as natural to you as your natural teeth ever were.

The type, shape and color of denture teeth can be selected to maximize the esthetic appearance of your dentures.

The retention and stability of Complete Dentures depends greatly on the amount of bone in the jaws. If you have ideal amount of bone, then the Complete Dentures should be a good treatment option for you. But if the bone not adequate Dental implants are now a fantastic alternative to increase the retention and stability of Complete Dentures.

Please go to our website and surf thru-out our case presentation and enjoy the different types of treatments offered at The Center for Dental Reconstruction.

Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dentures

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