Post-Op Instructions for Dental Implants

You have had implant surgery. It is very important to follow these instructions in order to provide you with the best possible healing.

After Surgery:

DO NOT disturb the wound. Avoid rough rinsing, spitting, or touch the would on the day of surgery. You need to avoid trauma over the surgical site. DO NOT drink through a straw. This could dislodge the blood clot that forms. Keep your head elevated (above your heart). This will help keep the swelling down to a minimum. Some minor bleeding (a little bit of blood in saliva can look like blood) is normal for 24 hours. Excessive bleeding can be controlled by biting on gauze placed directly on the wound for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues you may rinse your mouth with ice cold water and bite on a tea bag.

If bleeding persists, please call our office for further instructions, at Center for Dental Reconstruction in Metairie LA Phone Number 504-833-3368.


Keep yourself hydrated. Drink a glass of water every hour. Your diet should be very soft foods, nothing you can hear yourself chew. Chew small pieces of food on the non-operated side of your jaw. Stay on the diet for at least 2 weeks after surgery.


You should begin taking the pain medication before the local anesthesia wears off. For moderate pain, 1 or 2 Advil or ibuprofen can be taken every six hours. Advil or ibuprofen can be taken between the narcotic doses, if necessary. For severe pain, use the prescribed medication. DO NOT take any medication if you are allergic to it, or if you have been instructed by your doctor to not take it. Be sure to take the prescribed antibiotics as directed to help prevent infection. If you have any questions, please call the office or pharmacist.

Health/Oral Hygiene:

Good oral hygiene is essential for good healing. After surgery rinse with diluted Listerine (1 part Listerine to 4 part water) Be sure to brush your teeth, but avoid the extraction site. Sutures will dissolve within 1-2 weeks. Keep exercise to a minimum immediate after surgery. If you exercise and raise your heart rate and blood pressure, bleeding may occur. Remember to make sure your nutrition is adequate to avoid problems during activity during the healing period.

Removable Prosthesis:

Removable dental prostheses can be used after surgery ONLY if they have been adjusted at the time of implant surgery. Please check with your doctors about your personal needs concerning wearing your removable prosthesis.

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